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Aller means "to go" and is used in the present tense to say someone or something goes or is going somewhere.  This important French verb does not follow a pattern, as you can see in the chart below.  



                          je vais

                                I go

                     tu vas 

                       you go 

                   il/elle va 

                   he/she goes 

                 nous allons

                       we go 

                  vous allez 

                   you (pl) go 

               ils/elles vont 

                      they go 


Practice ALLER in the present tense below. 


Aller can also be used with a verb infinitive to form the near future tense or "le futur proche."   



                Je vais manger

             I am going to eat 

                tu vas manger 

           you are going to eat 

              il/elle va manger 

          he/she is going to eat 

            nous allons manger 

           we are going to eat 

            vous allez manger 

       you (pl) are going to eat 

          ils/elles vont manger 

         they are going to eat 

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