What if there are TWO verbs in a sentence?                Then what do I do?               

Remember when you first starting making French sentences?  You used "J'aime" and "Je n'aime pas" with verb infinitives to say you liked to or didn't like to do different activities.

Here are some examples:

J'aime jouer au foot.

J'aime manger la pizza.


Je n'aime pas chanter.

Je n'aime pas manger le poisson!

You didn't know it at the time, but you were using a conjugated verb plus infinitive to express yourself.

You can do this with many verbs, not just "aimer".  You can do it with the verb "vouloir" (je veux) to say you want to do something or the verb "devoir" (je dois) to say you need to do something.  You can even use the verb "pouvoir" (je peux) to say you can do something.