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French with Madame Shea!
French 7

Springtime in Paris! Ooh la la!

On y va!

Pack your bags...we will be spending the rest of the year as (imaginary) foreign exchange students in Paris!


We will be learning about schools in France as we create our new "schedules" as foreign exchange students. Students will be learning new vocabulary (school subjects) as well as how to express their opinions on them. They will be learning to tell time in French, and will be able to write out a schedule of their activities.

Of course, since we will be "living" in Paris for the next two months, we will be doing a lot of sightseeing.  We will also be taking some little "side trips" to destinations near Paris, including Versailles, Normandy, and Mont Saint Michel. 

Airplane Taking Off

Our Itinerary

Pre-travel: (4-12 to 4-16) View itinerary Apply for passport Pack luggage

Day 1: (4-19 to 4-20) VIsit customs - Fly to Paris (includes meal and movie)

Day 2: (4-21 to 4-22) Arrive in Paris Unpack and decorate dorm rooms

Day 3: (4-23 to 4-26) Sightseeing in "The City of Lights"

Day 4: (4-27 to 4-28) Learn about French schooling learn school subjects

Day 5-6: (4-29 to 5-4) Work on days of the week and telling time

Day 7: (5-5 to 5-6) Students put together their new "class schedules"

Day 8: (5-7 to 5-10) Quiz on school subjects and telling time

Day 9: (5-11 to 5-12) Discuss food shopping in France (les petits magasins)

Day 10-11: (5-13 to 5-18) Get ready and go to a "Patisserie" to buy a chocolate eclair

Day 12: (5-19 to 5-20) Study some French artists and their masterpieces

Day 13: (5-21 to 5-24) Visit the Louvre

Day 14: (5-25 to 5-26) Learn about the famous "Marché aux puces" (flea market)

Day 15-16: (5-27 to 6-2) Partners create & present a dialogue at the "Marché"

Day 17: (6-3 to 6-4) Day trip to the Palace of Versailles

Day 18: (6-7 to 6-8) Day trip to the D-day Beaches of Normandy

Day 19: (6-9 to 6-10) Eat a Picnic and play "pétanque" in Paris Fly Home