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«Les régions de la France»


French III students who meet eligibility requirements may apply for membership in the National French Honor Society.

This intermediate level French course continues students’ language study with a wider scope of vocabulary on familiar topics.  This course also broadens student knowledge of French culture with research projects on different French regions.  This class is supplemented with French films, current media and technology resources, and an introduction to French literature.  

At the end of French III, students should be able to:

Initiate, sustain, and close a conversation using grammar and vocabulary at an intermediate level

Comprehend and share orally and in writing personal reactions to authentic and adapted literary texts, magazines, newspapers, films and internet sources

Describe experiences, summarize, ask questions, and retell stories using intermediate grammar structures and vocabulary

Engage in spontaneous conversations through role-playing

Demonstrate cultural knowledge of the geography of France, French art, and music through oral presentations

Make comparisons between French & English

Use technology to express themselves in French