La Jeune Martre - Paul Delaroche - 1855
Madame Shea's favorite painting in the Louvre

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Bienvenue au Musée du Louvre.  Take some time to explore the museum.  Record your findings on the Louvre worksheet.  Amusez-vous!

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The Louvre Museum is located on the right bank of Paris and is still one of the largest and richest museums in the world.  The address is 34-6 quai du Louvre 75008.  Some call it a "treasure house of the great masterpieces for the world" because it contains one of the most important art collections in the world.  Some 30,000 people visit the Louvre daily.  Of these, 36% are French and 15% are American.  The museum is closed on Tuesdays. 
Even though you could spend a week visiting this huge art palace, most of us do not have that kind of time.  Arrive early in order to get a head start on the other visitors or use a map so that you don't get lost in this massive building.  You may also take a guided tour if you have the time, or rent a cellular phone-style recorded tour available in six languages at the access to any of the wings.  This will allow you to see just what you want for as long as you want. 

Three "musts" to visit include:




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