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Forming Questions in French!

How do I make questions in French?

1.  Put a question mark at the end of a statement

Tu manges.  = You eat.

Tu manges?  = Do you eat?

2.  Use «est-ce que» (es-ka) at the beginning to form a yes or no question or «qu’est-ce que» (kes-ka) to form an open ended question

Est-ce que tu manges?  = Do you eat?

Qu’est-ce que tu manges? = What do you eat?

3.  Use «question words» for more information

o Qui                      o Comment

o Pourquoi                  o Quand

o ą quelle heure              o

o ą qui                       o de qui

o avec qui               o pour qui

These words can be used before «est-ce que» or alone at the end of a question:

Quand est-ce que tu manges?

Tu manges quand?







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