French with Madame Shea

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Why French?

Je vais                    (I go / I am going)
Tu vas         (You go / you are going)
Il va               (he goes / he is going)
Elle va        (she goes / she is going)
Nous allons   (we go / we are going)
Vous allez   (you go / you are going)
Ils vont      (they go / they are going)
Elles vont  (they go / they are going)

Aller and the Futur Proche

To form the Futur Proche, you use the present tense of the verb "aller" followed by the infinitive of the verb that you are doing in the future.

Je mange.  ---  Je vais manger.
I eat.  ---  I am going to eat.

To make a sentence in the future tense negative, you must put ne...pas around the auxiliary (helping) verb, which is aller. 
Je ne vais pas manger.
I am not going to eat.