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Class Code: ANVJDC

French IV Honors gives students a glimpse into French history.  This course will be supplemented by several French films as well as current articles which will offer a greater understanding of French culture, including literature, art and music, and current events.  Le Petit Prince is a highlight of this course. 

Students attending a university may be eligible for retroactive credits based upon demonstrated proficiency in the language.

At the end of French IV, students should be able to:
- Initiate, sustain, and close a conversation at an intermediate proficiency level
- Describe experiences, summarize short stories, films, and audio texts, and analyze authentic literary works using grammar appropriate to an intermediate level
- Comprehend and share orally and in writing personal reactions to articles, authentic resources, and audio texts
- Engage in spontaneous conversations through role-playing
- Compare and contrast international events from a French and American point of view
- Demonstrate cultural knowledge in areas such as the geography of francophone countries, cuisine, social practices and social structures