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Why French?

Enrichment Opportunities

Students are involved in a variety of activities to practice their language skills.

Travel Abroad

High School French students have the opportunity to travel internationally. Recently the Janesville French Department has offered trips to Paris, Provence, Nice, Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley.  These trips may include home stays.  We have also paired with the Spanish department to visit France and Spain.

French Club

Craig and Parker High Schools both host active French clubs for students who want more exposure to French culture.  All three middle schools offer occasional enrichment activities.

French Honor Society

Students with an A- average in the last 3 semesters of French and a B- or higher average in all other courses can apply for membership. 

French Language Competitions

Students are encouraged to participate in Le Grand Concours, the National French Exam, and AATF’s Concours Orale.  Students also enjoy participating in Language Day competitions.

Field Trips

Field trips are offered each year to enhance students’ cultural experience.  Recent trips include the theater (Les Misérables and Le Petit Prince), museum trips to Chicago, and French Day trips to Milwaukee.

University Credit

Did you know you can earn college credit for your high school language study?  These "retro credits" can save you time and money!



Paris in Motion (Part 1) from Mayeul Akpovi on Vimeo.