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French I - «Ma vie»

In French I, students learn about the French language in the context of their own lives. They learn how to talk about themselves, their friends and families, and their surroundings. They use beginning vocabulary and grammar to discuss their likes and dislikes, pastimes, and school day.
Students use technology to present research on Francophone countries and make short movies about their school day. French I emphasizes communication, and students participate in many authentic performance assessments. Music, movies, games, and multi-media as well as current technology resources are used daily in French class.

At the end of French I, students should be able to:

- Initiate and sustain a short conversation using beginning level grammar and vocabulary

- Describe experiences of everyday life both orally and in writing using appropriate grammar and vocabulary

- Understand and respond to beginning level spoken and written French

- Demonstrate knowledge of the diversity of the French-speaking world

- Compare their own culture and traditions to those of the French-speaking world

- Make comparisons between the French and English languages

- Use technology to express themselves in French