French with Madame Shea

Les Textos - Alternate Assignment
French I
French II
French III
French IV
French V
Why French?

Do you need to make up an assignment?  In need of a little "Crédit Extra"? 

Imagine that it is Friday afternoon, and you are trying to plan your weekend.  Use "les textos" to write a dialogue between you and a friend.  Ask and answer questions about what you want to do or have to do this weekend. 
This assignment can be used to make up for a missing homework or participation grade, or can add up to TEN points to a test or project grade.
The quality of your assignment will determine the amount of points you receive.


You can "act out" your dialogue on Facebook or other social media and print out or email me a screen shot of your assignment.  An alternate to this is putting together a "FAKEBOOK" worksheet and completing your project there.

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