French with Madame Shea

French I
French II
French III
French IV
French V
Why French?



Article I

The Craig High School French Club will offer exposure to the French speaking world and its cultures. The intent is to be educational and fun for its members. It will help look beyond the doors of our own school and be open to diversity in our lives.  It is the intention of this club to promote the use of the French language and offer activities that will enhance enjoyment and knowledge of French culture.

Article II

A.      Any student of Craig High School who pays dues and has an interest in French language and culture may participate.  Members do not need to be enrolled in a French class.

B.      In order to maintain active membership, students must attend at least five scheduled meetings or events.

Article III
Section 1:

A.      Officers

French Club will be governed by an Executive Committee of approximately five students and the club Advisor.  They will work together to plan, advertise, and host club meetings and events.

B.      Responsibilities

French Club Officers will schedule events and conduct meetings (with the help of the advisor).  They will post announcements for meetings and activities and advertise the club with attractive posters throughout the school. On meeting days, Officers will be responsible for obtaining a pass from their 7th hour class and helping set up for the meeting.  They will check-in current club members and collect dues from new members.  They will attend all club meetings.  They will maintain email communication with the advisor and attend occasional officer meetings.


Section 2:

A.      Interested students will fill out an application and meet with the French Club advisor.

B.      Club advisor will select the Executive Committee members from the pool of applicants.


Section 3:

A.      Members seeking a Club Office must meet the following criteria:
a) must be current French students.

b) must demonstrate leadership ability inside or outside of school.
c) must possess enthusiasm for the subject.
d) must maintain active membership in the organization.


Article IV
Section 1:

A. Club advisor must be present at all meetings, activities, or any other function related  

      to French Club activities.

B. Club advisor will approve applicants for Executive Office.
C. Advisor is responsible for handling club funds.

Article V
Section 1:

A.      All Club officers and members will be encouraged to attend the Mardi Gras Fair in February.

B.      Officers will plan activities for National French Week (Nov. 8-14, 2011), either on school campus or off campus.

C.      Upper Level students volunteer to be mentors and peer tutors for beginning students and those in lower levels of French Study.

D.  Additional Activities will be scheduled to meet membership interests.

Article VI
Section 1:
Club members are to adhere to school rules and policy whenever attending club meetings on or off campus. Students who do not adhere to rules and regulations will be asked to leave and /or reported to administration.