French with Madame Shea


French I
French II
French III
French IV
French V
Why French?

We will be working on this project in class until Wednesday.  You should be finished with the entire booklet, including the verb glossary and your comprehension questions, by the end of the hour on Wednesday, October 3.

  • When you finish typing your story, you need to decide how you want to format it.  You may use an entire sheet or a half sheet of typing paper per page. 
  • You have your choice of fonts and font sizes.  Just remember that your font should be big enough to read easily, but small enough to leave space for your illustrations.
  • Illustrations may be hand drawn or clip art, but must be in color.
  • You will use construction paper to make a cover for your book.  You must include a title, your name, your hour, the date, and a picture that represents your story.
  • You must include five  comprehension questions and answers in English at the end of your story.  Please put the answers at the bottom of the question page or on a seperate page.
  • You will include a French/English glossary of the -er verbs included in your story.
  • You will present your story to the class on Thursday and Friday during a special "Story Time."
  • See the chart below for grading guidelines.

20 Points
 Presentation of Story to the Class
10 Points
Neatness and Completion

10 Points

Use of Class Time
15 Points
Ten (10) Color Pictures
5 Points
Cover with Title, Picture, Name, Heading
20 Points
Ten (10) sentences including ten (10) -ER verbs
10 Points
Glossary of -ER verbs used in story including English definitions
10 Points
Five (5) Comprehension Questions written in English, including seperate answers