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Les Directives De La Classe De Madame Shea


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·        Students are required to bring their materials to class every day.  This includes their French notebook, workbook, textbook, and a writing utensil.



·        You must turn in assignments when due.  Graded assignments may be worth up to half credit if turned in the next day.  Projects will lose at least one grade per day after the due date. 

·        Students must be prepared to make presentations on the due date.  There may not be an opportunity to make up a presentation at a later time, which could lower your grade. 


Class Activities:

·        Students are expected to listen to directions and to complete class activities within time limits.  Classroom activities are frequently counted as a participation grade.

·        Students are expected to use French in the classroom as much as possible. 

·        Grades are based on homework completion, quiz and test scores, projects, and participation.


Missed Work:

·        It is your responsibility to learn what was missed due to absence and to make arrangements for completing this work.

·        Oral work cannot always be made up.  Excessive absences and a lack of regular participation may cause grades to suffer.

·        Missed tests and quizzes must be made up within one week of the student’s return to school.  This should be done before or after school.  Do not expect to make up missed tests and quizzes during class time.



·        Refer to the Student Handbook for rules about absence, cheating, plagiarism, tardiness, and other general rules.  They will be enforced.  This includes computer generated translation.

·        As stated in the Handbook, food and drink (except water) are not allowed in the classroom, unless it is part of a class activity.  This includes candy and gum.

·        Please be respectful of your teacher and classmates.  Leave cell phones, music players, make-up, and other distractions in your locker or backpack. 

·        Purses and mesh backpacks are allowed in class, but must stay on the floor under your desk.



·        I am always happy to meet with students for extra help.  I can be reached by e-mail at or by telephone at (608) 743-5189.  Classroom updates and helpful links are posted at