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French 7

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Why French?


Please study the days and review the months, then complete the project below!

You are to create a French calendar page of your birthday month. 
-  The month in French
- The days in French (remember, the French calendar starts on MONDAY)
-  Each day labeled with a number (you don't have to spell out each number)
-  Your birthday clearly marked
-  Other holidays that fall during your birthday month labeled.  You can use a website like
to find French holidays to include in your calendar
-  Clip art or drawings that represent your birthday month
You may use a computer program like Word or Google Docs, or hand draw this project. It is DUE NEXT TIME.





Seventh grade French students learn about the French language in the context of their own lives.  They learn how to talk about themselves, their friends, and their families.  They study the French calendar and important contributions the French have made to our lives.  A highlight of 7th grade French is “Café Day,” an authentic performance assessment where students experience a French café.


At the end of 7th grade French, students should be able to:

Have a short conversation exchanging greetings and information about their everyday lives

Discuss their families, friends, likes and dislikes both orally and in writing using the present tense and beginning level vocabulary

Comprehend beginning level spoken and written French and respond appropriately

Demonstrate knowledge of the diversity of the French-speaking world

Demonstrate knowledge of French culture including school, family life, holidays, and restaurant etiquette

Compare their own culture and traditions to those of the French-speaking world

Make comparisons between the French and English languages

Use technology and online presentation tools to express themselves in French