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Bonjour, tout le monde!
Go to your SCHOOL GMAIL.  You will find an email from QUIA.COM.  Follow the link and log-in with the information from your email.  You will see a list of activities to help you practice the adjectives we have been studying in class.  Go through each activity.  Quia will record the time you spend on each activity.  Your grade for the day will be based on how much time you spend practicing.  You should average at least 5 minutes on each activity.
If you have time left over, please practice the other activities on this page.
Bonne chance!




Eighth grade French students continue to use the basics they learned last year to talk in more detail about their likes and dislikes, pastimes, and school day.  First semester, students use technology to present research on Francophone countries, and second semester they make short movies about their school lives in French.



username: mllefifi
password: francais

At the end of 8th grade French, students should be able to:

Initiate and sustain a short conversation using beginning level grammar and vocabulary

Describe experiences of everyday life both orally and in writing using appropriate grammar and vocabulary

Comprehend beginning level spoken and written French and respond appropriately

Demonstrate knowledge of the diversity of the French-speaking world

Compare their own culture and traditions to those of the French-speaking world

Make comparisons between the French and English languages

Use technology and online presentation tools to express themselves in French

French 7 & 8 are the equivalent of High School French I.  Students who complete French 7 & 8 in Middle School are eligible to take French II in 9th grade.