French with Madame Shea

Learning Styles Summary
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Why French?

So, how DO your prefer to receive information?  A good learner can use all types. You may find you can study certain subjects better by using different strategies. 

TASK 1 (con't):  Record some IN CLASS and OUT OF CLASS study tips that you can use from either the link you just visited or the list below.

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Study Tips for Different Learning Styles

In Class

Seeing things on the board or screen; reading; viewing maps, charts, lists, graphics.

Outside of Class

Reading material; highlighting/underlining; making mental images (visualizing) how information looks to help you recall.


In Class

Listening; noting key words or sounds that will trigger your memory; verbalizing information through class discussion or questions.

Outside of Class

Reciting information out loud to yourself or others; quizzing yourself orally on the information.


In Class

Doing experiments; working with objects (cards, math manipulatives, etc.); using fingers to count out key points; volunteering to go to the board or assist in some way.

Outside of Class

Writing information on note cards so that you can shuffle and manipulate them; acting out or duplicating steps or processes; walking or moving as you study, such as using fingers to count out key points.