French with Madame Shea

The Ten Traps of Studying

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Why French?

What mindsets keep you from study success?

TASK 4:  Read the list below and, using your worksheet, circle the numbers from the list that are excuses you often use for your failure to study successfully.


TASK 4 (con't):  Click below to get advice for the "traps" you identified.  Record the suggestions on your worksheet.


1.  I don't know where to begin.
2.  I have so much to study...and so little time
3.  This stuff is so DRY
4.  I just can't get it to sink in
5.  I guess I understand it
6.  There's too much to remember
7.  I knew it a minute ago
8.  But I like to study in bed
9.  Cramming helps keep it fresh
10.  I'm gonna stay up all night!